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According to designer Reese De Luca, fashion is "what people usually see first. It's the ultimate form of personal expression," he says. For him, it's all about being comfortable and styled in what you are wearing - for your sake, not others.

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Reese has lived and traveled the world spending time and observing the styles in different places like Vancouver, Boston, Los Angeles, and even Colombia.

Eventually, he developed his own sense of fashion but admits that he was impressionable during his college days back in Los Angeles. "If you didn't have a pair of 7 jeans, you weren't cool," he recalls.

Designer Reese De Luca


Today, he describes his look as "refined leisure" and his comfortable minimalist style is reflected in the clothing he designs for his loyal clients - like flight attendant Marie-Claude Lemieux.

"I love my [REESEDELUCA]® drop crotches. They have traveled with me around the world. They fit, feel and look just as good as the day I got them. Reese is definitely someone who has helped me define my personal style. I will keep supporting him in his future projects," she said.

Before launching his first brand, De la Commune, Reese spent time working for a local designer in Montreal, Space FB by Francois Beauregard. "As soon as I saw how his business worked, I knew this was the industry for me," he said.

But breaking into the industry with his own brand wasn't easy. "Fashion might look glamorous through the lens of photographers, but it's a lot of hard work," says Reese. At one point, he thought he'd have to go on a "permanent hiatus" because he lost all of his funding to produce his collections, but his drive to pursue his passion persisted.

"I thought about walking away from having my own brand, but it's something I can't run from. Creating is in my blood and doing it for someone else doesn't cut it creatively."

Reese had felt this drive since he was a young boy. "I've always been an entrepreneur and started my first side hustle at the age of 10," he said.

So he stuck to his passion and pushed forward even after he'd almost lost it all, refusing to compromise his designs for the income he could generate through mass production.

Designer Reese De Luca


"I hated the idea of watering down your creation because of a price point," says Reese. "So that's what drew me to designer fashion."

It took nearly two years after losing his funding for De la Commune before Reese could even think about designing his own brand again. However, he's dusted himself off and is back with his new brand [REESEDELUCA].

"Like any good thing, over time you evolve to eventually become what you're destined to be," he says.