I just to shoot with Drew Hudson, a fascinating entrepreneur living his full life.

Here’s an unedited look into our conversation 

Reese: Tell me a little bit about your journey and like how you got to where you are? ‘Cause I saw like, you’ve done modeling, you’ve mentioned that you worked for Sony and now you’re like starting your own thing.

Drew: Yeah.

Reese: So tell me a little bit about like you journey.

Drew: Yeah, so basically I went to college, did the whole college thing, thought that I was just gonna get a job, live a normal life like everybody else. But I found my way to Sony and I think that I’ve always had a creative background and always wanted to start companies like collaborate with people. Always surf and travel, always been around kind of entrepreneurial type of people. So once I got the job at Sony it was cool. And then I just realized that corporate life wasn’t really for me and I kind of wanted to do a lot more things than just sitting in an office and do what I was told. So I left there and I modeled and came back to LA after being in New York for about a year and a half. And just decided that I kind of wanted to take the control of my own journey or future. So I put together Sunset Wasteland which is a combination of my experience in marketing and advertising side to my modeling experience and kind of combined all of those elements of my expertise and experience. And create something new that I could control what I was creating, who I was working with, and my future destiny in terms of my success. So, yeah.

Reese: Yeah, everybody wants to be in charge of their own.

Drew: 100%. 100%

Reese: What like what is it that like motivated to get to this? Is this something that you’ve always wanted to do? Work in entertainment? Like film and video or that kind of stuff?

Drew: Yeah, I think like coming out of college I wanted to be a talent agent. That was my dream, you know. And it just never happened. You just need to know the right people. And I just think that I wasn’t into working in a mail room for like three years before getting yelled at.

Reese: Yeah.

Drew: Just the whole journey is just too much. So yeah, I just figured I was always the kind of person to always want to take things into my own hands and figure it out. And entertainment has always been something that interested me. So yeah.

Reese: And like was there someone like something specific that like aided you a lot in getting to where you are today?

Drew: Yeah

Reese: Like a mentor?

Drew: I don’t know if I even have a mentor, honestly.  I grew up and spent a lot of time in my house with myself. And I’d come home after school and always watch those like old roasts from like the 50s and 60s like Lucille Ball and like they are the coolest celebrities around you know what I mean. And they’re just sitting there like smoking cigarettes and cutting it up. And like when I was around that and engaged with those shows, I was always so happy. And I thought that if I could ever re-create that environment for myself where I was like creating new stuff and joking with friends and like being around people, I’d just be the happiest person ever.

Reese: That’s just like the new entrepreneur.

Drew: Yeah, totally. I think that there’s a lot of Youtube creators and a lot of entrepreneurs in Hollywood that are really interesting and have awesome stories that I kind of wanted to myself in that.

Reese: Where like where do a lot of your ideas come from?

Drew: I don’t even know like I think like sometimes I’m like ‘what’s the craziest, weirdest,  most random thing that I can figure out. And yeah, I don’t even know.

Reese: Have you done a lot of viral videos?

Drew: I just think I like to like to make myself laugh more than anything. So if something that I put together, makes somebody sit at their desk, sit at their house, look at their phone, and like chuckle to themselves. That’s either awesome or like ‘holy shit, I can’t believe that just happened’. That’s what I’m trying to achieve. So I think it’s about those moments and if I can myself laugh or the people that I’m working with laugh, then I run with that idea.

Reese: And like are there any like brands or people that you look up to like masters of the craft? Or like where’d you want to be?

Drew: To be honest, not really. I think I’ve such a diverse like resource or like source of inspiration from surfers and athletes to designers to fashion entertainment to writers, producers that I kind of just draw from everywhere. And just try to create my own thing that I think is cool, you know. Kind of blending all those different inspirations. Creating something that’s a combination of all of it really.

Reese: Cool