I got to work with and Shoot Mikey Caputo, a talented and creative hair stylist in Los Angeles. Here’s a raw unedited look at our conversation.

Reese: So obviously you’re a hairstylist, was this your dream?

Mike: I kind just fell into it. Yeah, my mom owns a salon and I grew up around it. I actually hated it at first. She would make me work like at her salon as a like receptionist. All my boys would make fun of me. I had two little brothers and I kind of just had all the tools in my garage and we were like messing around in the garage. I started cutting their hair and then it turned into everybody on my football team. And every Friday night, they’d be around my garage just doing like $5 haircuts. And I guess I’m kind of good at this and then I just to like. It doesn’t feel like work to me. So…

Reese: What’s like the most inspiring, the most inspirational thing for you?

Mike: The most inspirational thing. I mean, I just want to do it for my family. Like I really want to. My little brother is in school right now for this. And I’m trying to build an empire that I can just work at and create something awesome and keep it in the family like my mom did. Just you know, build a brand, really.

Reese: Is there a goal to like get your own place?

Mike: Yeah, definitely.  I would love to. That’s the goal

Reese: What’s like, future wise, what do you think it’s going to be like two years or one year?

Mike: Well I’ve been out here 3 years and then this all happened. Like I’ve only been here for about 6 months and things are moving pretty quickly. So I think it’s gonna happen in, you know my goal will be like 2017. You know?

Reese: Well obviously, you said that your mom is also doing this so is this like your one person that helped you get you where you are?

Mike: It’s funny because she wanted me to take over her salon in Santa Barbara but that’s not really my scene. It’s kinda like old people. Like that’s awesome. I love working with people. They’re so nice but it’s like, I wanted to like. I just wanted to come, you know LA is more of my scene. So I came out here. And just everyone that I work with is amazing. Everyone that I deal with is like everyone’s building a brand. Everyone is established, successful, young like in the scene. It’s just, I love it out here.

Reese: Was there anyone like specific or that helped you get where you are right now?

Mike: There’s a couple of people that like when I broke up with my ex. I don’t want to bring that in here. But like yeah let’s not get into it.

Reese: Yeah.

Mike: No, definitely. I’ve been blessed with and fortunate to have the right people in my life that introduced me to people, you know, as far as branding. Making my hats, you know just whatever just to get established out here. Yeah.

Reese: Like as a creative person, where do your ideas come from? Do you people watch? Do you buy like or get those hair magazines or I don’t know.

Mike: Yeah, I mean I’m always online, always on Instagram, always on like on social media, checking out other artists’ work. You know, stay on top of the latest trends, latest haircuts. Because everyone’s asking me what’s next, what’s the hottest style out here? You know, as far as clothes, ‘where do you get that? And who does your tattoos?’ So I feel like it’s my job to be on top of that. I’m like a therapist/promoter. Yeah, for sure.

Reese: Cool. Is there someone like you really look up to like in terms of a master stylist like I want to say Vidal Sassoon.

Mike: Obviously, yeah!

Reese: Like for me it’s Victoria Beckham or Marc Jacobs.

Mike: Yeah, I mean there’s a couple of big hitters that I look up to. There’s this barber, Pacinos. He created his own app. You know, he does his own seminars and motivational speeches. That’s awesome. You know, just to talk about what you do and get paid for it. That’s like the dream come true.

Reese: I don’t know if I could like talk about fashion. But yeah it would be great to get paid to just talk.

Mike: Right? Just to talk about what you did. You know, just explain of how you got to where you’re at. That’s awesome, I’d love to do that.